Secrets of Being Unstoppable with Guy Finley – Emotional Pro

February 7th, 2006

Guy Finley has continued to sit on his Oregon mountaintop since our last show, creating a plethora of new material to help you improve the quality of your life. We could NOT refuse his offer to come on Full Power Living and tell us how to become "unstoppable." You won’t want to miss this great teacher, who has the ability to reach in and touch your heart in just the right places to help you unleash your greatest potential.

Segment 1: Self-Mastery Is the Key to Being Unstoppable
Lamenting that in today’s world, "our own attention has been stolen," Guy Finley discusses some of what it takes to be "unstoppable." Find out what hurts us when our attention is stolen, the 5 words that can make you master of your life, and how we mire ourselves by taking on "False Responsibilities," what Finley calls "a bad case of the WOFRs" (Weight of False Responsibilities). WOFRs are, by the way, driven out by the Light!

Segment 2: The Evil Twins Worry and Hurry
"No one can worry or fear without giving power to negative mental images their own mind has constructed," explains Finley. We must learn to separate the practical from the personal, so that we can look into the future and anticipate future actions, but without crippling ourselves with worry regarding possible future events. Guy Finley talks about how we Enable others, to their detriment and to ours, based on our false beliefs. This is a brilliant explanation of human behavior!

Segment 3: Traits of Productive Spirituality
"Productive Spirituality," interesting concept. What does it mean? Guy Finley tells us there are 10 traits of people who are spiritually productive. In addition to defining what he means, he tells us about some of the traits, and how to work out of an endless repetition of lessons through Honesty. He encourages us to move away from being a "Race of sleeping beings" and separate ourselves out from the world that we see. When we can do these things, we will truly be unstoppable.


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