Let Go and Live in the Now with Guy Finley – Emotional Pro

May 31st, 2005

Consciousness. It involves awareness, the ability to change and be flexible, surrender, letting go. Guy Finley, author, spiritual teacher, radio host and consciousness investigator, comes to Full Power Living to talk about the ideas in his new book—about "letting go." Motivate yourself to be all you can be in your life and in your spirit. Guy Finley’s words and thoughts will speed you on your path.

Segment 1: Mysteries in Life and The Importance of Solving Them

Guy Finley addresses two big issues in life: 1) the fact that we spend so much of our lives on "problems," without learning and moving on; and 2) how we keep ourselves from learning. Most of us have "multiple drivers" in our hearts and minds, making it difficult to maintain authority over our own lives. His aim in "Let Go and Live in the NOW" is to offer a clear look at the broader view of what it is to be human and what we are all placed on earth to do.

Segment 2: Troubles, Psychological Pain and Inner Storms

In keeping with our focus on emotions, Guy discusses his observation that most of us lock in to past pain and past experience whenever an issue (opportunity to learn) arises in our lives, thus focusing us on our resistance and keeping us from learning, growing and moving on. He urges us to move from a belief that "Life brings problems" to one that "Life brings answers." Listen as he explains how we keep ourselves stuck by "doing in the moment what we value most of all," and, in answer to a caller, talks about how we can "unstuck" ourselves!

Segment 3: Peace for Ourselves and for Our World

Asserting that "Peace is the foundation of this life," Guy Finley talks about the great power of awareness and taking true and full responsibility for ourselves. "Let the unkindness [of any moment or experience] stop in me," he instructs. The secret of how we create non-peace in our misguided efforts to make peace; and what we can do to create true peace together, both in ourselves and in our troubled world.

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