Oct 25 Radio Show: Your Forgotten Self Mirrored in Jesus the Christ – Emotional Pro

October 25th, 2007

Jesus the Christ as a model for Personal Growth! That’s the wonderful premise of David Ord in his book, Your Forgotten Self. Ord was still in elementary school in England when he began to relate in this way to Jesus the Christ, a notion he pursued through theological seminary training. “Human beings have no hope of enjoying the fulfilling life Jesus lived as long as we regard him as essentially different from us,” says Ord. His description of Jesus breaks with conventional images and reveals Him to be the epitome of our humanity, a mirror of the true essence of each of us.
Ord’s book is not a religious book–it is a spiritual book that inspires each of us to have complete confidence in ourselves, to connect ourselves to the larger universe, and to see ourselves as part of/the same as God.
Listen and discover how to:

  • Experience yourself through new eyes
  • See yourself mirrored in Jesus
  • Have faith, which means to understand yourself, as Jesus understood himself
  • Allow the power of the Christ to flood your everyday life
  • Begin to live as Jesus in your present moment.

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