November 14: Vanessa Kettler, "Building and Maintaining Great Balance for Life"! – Emotional Pro

November 14th, 2013

Listen Up, Baby Boomers, and all of you who either are a “Senior” or know and love one. And all of you who will one day BE a “Senior citizen,” too. Do 
you know that people have characteristic physical issues as they age, including difficulty with balance, lower back, neck and shoulder problems, and chronic conditions like arthritis? Vanessa, a lifelong dancer and performer, has developed safe, simple, sensible and powerful methods to deal positively and effectively with these challenges of increasing age. There are also emotional issues of feeling diminished and decrepit that can accompany having your body age itself away from you that we’ll discuss. VITAL—that’s what this show is; that’s what Vanessa’s message is. Come hear what Vanessa has to tell you!

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