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September 16th, 2006

At a book-signing event for my friend and author Susan Page last night, a woman remarked: “There are so many fantastic ideas coming out these days!”
Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.�We are host on September 21st to Dr. Bruce Lipton, a cell biologist and Stanford researcher who is turning the medical world, especially, upside down. In his book, The Biology of Belief, Dr. Lipton is advancing the notion that scientists have been functioning on an erroneous belief, launched by Darwin, that genes determine “everything” in life. As a cellular biologist, Lipton has discovered that the real “cell brain,” is the cell membrane, which (collectively) consumes almost half the energy a human body uses every day. In the cell membrane (collectively) lies the mechanisms by which we turn signals from the environment into a unique individual.
What are “signals from the environment”? They are things such as nutrition….but also beliefs, thoughts and emotions! Laying the underpinning for pharmaceutical-free energy medicine, Lipton says genes do not control biology; we are not hard-wired from the beginning of life. WE control our own biology through where we place our own energy, including emotional energy!
If you miss the live show (and when we broadcast live, you can ask Bruce Lipton questions–our number is 866-613-1612), listen to the archives. Above all, get this book and read it. It supports what I have been teaching the world for years. It will change your world-view forever.
While we’re talking dynamic new ideas, check out Susan Page’s new book, entitled Why Talking is Not Enough: 8 Loving Actions That Will Transform Your Marriage. She discusses “Spiritual Relationship” in this book, affirming that trying to find a “solution” to marital problems is a futile effort. We’re hoping to have Susan on the show again soon, too! She’s the author of several other books, including If I’m So Wonderful, Why Am I Still Single? Susan appeared on Full Power Living in 2004.

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