No More Pain: How To Recover Fully from Self-Injury with Vicki Freund Duffy – Emotional Pro

June 7th, 2007

06/07/07 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
No More Pain author Vicki Freund Duffy shared her personal quest to overcome a little-known (certainly little-talked-about) affliction, Self-Injury. Cutting, stabbing, burning, picking scabs, scratching, head-banging: humans are inventive when it comes to figuring out ways to injure themselves. But why would anyone self-injure? Who does? In one survey, 15% of Japanese women ages 20-24 were found to cut themselves, yet this affliction is not limited to women. It’s all related to emotions, of course! Vicki tells her very personal story as part of her campaign to 1) bring this affliction to the public’s attention and 2) offer help to people who self-injure through publicizing the affliction, running and through her nonprofit corporation (in New Jersey) called Launching Point. You’ll be inspired and uplifted by Vicki’s very upbeat personality, and the wisdom of having ended years of Self-Injury completely, with no such activity for more than 10 years. Do listen to the inspiring and revealing interview!
Segment 1: Self-Injury is All About Pain! Vicki tells us how internal, emotional pain results in self-injury as people attempt to cope with pain they don’t otherwise know how to deal with. She tells her own story–hard to believe because of the upbeat person she has become in the past 10 years.
Segment 2: Emotions: Friend or Foe? 80-90 percent of the “cause” of Self-Injury, according to Vicki, is emotion. It is the emotion that is held inside, that grows to enormous proportions, that people don’t know how to release. Holding emotions inside without a way to release drives us to the craziness of self-injury. She gives a four-step approach for moving away from Self Injury.
Segment 3: The Power of Hugs and Safety Vicki tells us how she ended ALL of her Self-Injury behaviors, along with what it takes to accomplish this. She shares her belief that anything can be overcome–that all things are possible! She wants to encourage all who self-injure to get free of their pain.

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