May 26 Radio Show: Seth & Channeling – Emotional Pro

May 26th, 2011

Three decade (plus) Seth scholar and investigator Paul Helfrich looks at the phenomenon of Channeling with Life Coach and Channeling facilitator Deki Fox. They appear Live on Thursday, May 26, 2011 on Internet radio’s Full Power Living (9 a.m. PT or iTunes subscription). Toll-free call-in is also available over 800-630-7858.
For the first time in human history, we humans have become conscious! What does this mean? It means that we now know that WE create our own reality, our lives, and the cast of characters that support “our story.” Helfrich and Fox, who have been exploring consciousness and conscious creation for over 30 years (each), have learned a lot about our new Consciousness through channeling, a behavior that is little-understood and even feared by many. Fox and Helfrich will demystify channeling during their appearance.

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