May 19 Radio Show: Mother-Daughter Bonding Over Beauty – Emotional Pro

May 19th, 2011

Erika Katz goes deep with beauty when she appears Thursday, May 19, 2011 on Internet radio’s Full Power Living (9 a.m. PT or iTunes subscription). Using physical self-care and beauty, Katz shares how to build our daughters’ self-esteem, confidence and trust.
Written with empathy and love, Erika Katz introduces a new guide for mothers looking to build open communication with their daughters; and she’s using fun beauty activities to facilitate the dialogue. “True beauty comes from the inside,” the saying goes. As mother’s learn to talk with their daughters about hygiene, puberty, hair and nail care and when to wear makeup and shave legs, they open intimacy between themselves and their maturing daughters. Katz gives guidance in this process. The focus is not beauty itself, but the special relationship mothers (or even other caretakers) and daughters share, and the love and communication that strengthen their relationship.

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