May 12 Radio Show: Cultivating Radiance – Emotional Pro

May 11th, 2011

Tamara Gerlach has wisdom for living a radiant and light-filled life. Author of Cultivating Radiance: 5 Essential Elements for Holistic Self Care, Gerlach appears on Tomorrow, May 12, 2011 on Internet radio’s Full Power Living (9 a.m. PT or iTunes subscription). Find out ways to become stunningly beautiful on the inside, despite your age or circumstance.
Being with or watching little children, marveling at the delight they take in the smallest things, the energy they have, the joy they express, and the enthusiasm they have for life is a marvelous thing. That’s Inner Radiance. Everyone was born with Inner Radiance, but most adults lose their connection with that Inner Radiance. Life is more fulfilling, more beautiful, easier and more magical when Inner Radiance is present. Full Power Living explores the issue of reclaiming this Inner Radiance toward creating a much better life!
Tamara Gerlach is author of Cultivating Radiance. In her life and in her book, Tamara defines, demonstrates and lives Radiance, and invites readers to reclaim this part of themselves, by creating and following a Radiance Plan. And, she doesn’t leave you high and dry–she defines all the aspects of radiance and shares how to create a plan for living life that will allow each person to be full of passion, energy, health, joy and inner calm.

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