May 10 Radio Show: The Secret of the Butterfly Lovers – Emotional Pro

May 10th, 2007

Keith Richardson has written a delightful book that both tells the story of his numerous encounters with Chang (a Chinese Emperor from the 17th Century) and explains how reincarnation affects us in our daily lives. Richardson, a trained scientist, was totally skeptical about ideas of reincarnation before encountering Change. In The Secret of the Butterfly Lovers, Richardson explores Chang’s influence over his life today, as well as the relationships he has with people in all segments of his life, and how all of this was revealed to him. Now Keith is on a mission to teach you, me and everyone that “Love is the only Truth in the universe.”
Segment 1: God is No Religion Keith tells listeners who Chang is, how he met him, and something about his ongoing relationship with Chang. He shares some background on the belief regarding reincarnation, and talks about Chang’s knowledge and wisdom.
Segment 2: Finding Yourself in History Richardson was surprised to discover there was a Christian Emperor in China–and that he knew him! His own role regarding world religion and history is also revealed; and it is almost unbelievable! And now he has the job of teaching the world about love and peace….
Segment 3: The Value of Knowing About Past Lives Knowing about reincarnation and our own past lives, asserts Keith, provides us with a “bigger picture” for this life, and helps us break out from being stuck in this life. Keith has come to know that it is a reality: we don’t die; and we are all protected. Hear his comments.

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