Mar 6 Radio Show: The Mental "Secret" To Having A Great Day! – Emotional Pro

March 2nd, 2008

The irrepressible Pete Siegel appears to tell us how to “pour some positive ‘sugar’ into your morning coffee, so you start your day off right!” These are challenging times. It’s easy to become depressed, pessimistic, hopeless and fearful. Pete, who has been working as a hypnotherapist and performance coach for many years (including work with top athletes, top athletic teams and top executives), reveals how to develop and maintain a success attitude, mental strength and confidence that will carry you through your day, as well as through these tough times. As he usually does, Pete will be telling us step-by-step exactly how to have a Great Day, no matter what is happening “out there.” Tune in, call in toll free (800-630-7858) and join us during the live broadcast for our simultaneous online chat.

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