Feb 28 Radio Show: Conscious Families–Families of the Future! – Emotional Pro

February 28th, 2008

Emotional Pro is launching a cutting-edge program–the development and maintenance of Conscious, Universal Families! The family is the “cradle of civilization.” As we have noticed, “civilization” is not doing so well these days. Immediate change is required to move us and our world to the “new consciousness” that is rapidly opening for us. We need to learn how to base our families on Love, to teach members real Intimacy, to lead parents and children to emotional mastery, and to develop children who are responsible, make their own (great) decisions and become immune to peer pressure. Especially if you are a coach, counselor, teacher, psychotherapist or school administrator, we want you to join us. YOU are the person with the power to develop, support and maintain Conscious Families that recognize themselves as integral within the Universal Human Family, are ecologically aware and produce “world citizens”. Join us to find out more about this fantastic new concept and movement!

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