June 11, Dr. Elizabeth Carman: Spiritual Dimensions of Life Before Birth – Emotional Pro

June 13th, 2015

carmansRight now, in the midst of our consciousness revolution, we have the opportunity to “check in” with consciousness researcher Dr. Elizabeth Carman. Do you want to know what proof we have that pregnant Cosmic Cradlemothers really CAN talk with their babies in utero, or the parallels of knowledge regarding the soul’s immortality that runs through different cultures? And what evidence is there, from parents and children, that children really do remember earlier lives? We’re looking at this fascinating topic. Come, discover, ask questions!

As I become older, the people I love are having health challenges, facing death, and dying. One insisted there was “nothing” after death. She hasn’t called me from the afterlife, so I still have no proof. Another is in process of dying, wondering whether he’ll be able to be with his parents and beloved first wife—even his pets—once he is no longer on earth. We know more than we think. I’ve invited the Drs. Carman to appear on Full Power Living so we can get the proven information they’ve been collecting the past 40 years. This is one show you’ll want to hear! Click here to visit the Carmans’ website.

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