April 11, Justine Toms: The Influence of New Dimension Radio – Then & Now! – Emotional Pro

April 11th, 2013

A lot of what you now know about Consciousness is because of what Justine Toms and her husband of 40 years, Michael Toms, did together. They founded New Dimensions radio. Michael interviewed nearly 3000 of the world’s cutting-edge people opening our world to the idea of consciousness and conscious living. In January, Michael died. Justine is carrying on, still talking about consciousness, and also sharing the story of New Dimensions. Bill Moyers, public-television producer and host, wrote about New Dimensions: “In this day of fortune-cookie philosophies and bumper-sticker politics, it is refreshing to find a sanctuary for sustained conversation where two people truly communicate, with a large audience leaning across the electronic sofa eavesdropping. ‘New Dimensions’ is a safe haven for that kind of sharing.”
For those of you who have loved New Dimensions shows, you’ll want to make sure you hear this show with Justine Toms. For those of you involved in raising your consciousness now, it’s a must! Join me for this special interview!

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