Jealousy: Our Signal for Creativity – Emotional Pro

May 24th, 2005

Most people are surprised to learn that Jealousy offers us the "signal" for creativity. The commonsense explanation for jealousy and how to work with it has already relieved thousands of this "emotional burden," and promises to offer relief to Full Power Living listeners, too. Where does jealousy come from; what are the "ingredients" of jealousy; and what can be done to relieve ourselves of the negative impact of jealous reactions? Send us your questions about Jealousy that can be addressed on the program!

Segment 1: What is Jealousy and How Does It Fit In with Other Emotions?

Learn what makes jealousy a "real" emotion, and how it operates as part of our "user’s manual" for living life. Ilene talks about simplifying the cause and cure for jealousy so a more permanent and full recovery from jealous moments is possible for us. Discover the interaction of "observation," "comparison" and "beliefs" as they form the network for stimulating jealous reactions.

Segment 2: Jealousy’s Basic Cause, Relationship to Creativity and Purpose for Us
Jealousy’s cause shows us why jealousy can be called "self-made madness." Our decision to focus on "limitation" or "abundance" sets us up to experience more (or less) jealousy, says Ilene. Learn how families have "family traditions" of jealousy that can affect your daily life; and why different people can feel jealous about different things.

Segment 3: Jealousy in Relationships, Jealousy and Anger, How to Get to Creativity!

According to some research, one-third of all relationships have an issue with jealousy. Ilene discusses whether jealousy indicates "love" in relationships, as well as what connects anger and jealousy. Ilene emphasizes that jealousy: 1) tells us we are more than we allow ourselves to be; 2)provides impetus and energy to get to know ourselves better and more fully; and 3) is thus our ally and friend, showing us where we need to grow, the best new areas to explore inside ourselves, and pushing us to get creative!

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