Emotional Lessons From My Children, with Ilene Dillon – Emotional Pro

February 8th, 2007

2/8/2007 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
We pack our children off to school, thinking they are the ones attending school. Wrong! We are ALL in school. Following precepts from her newest book, Born To Learn, Ilene uses stories of how her children taught her valuable emotional lessons to illustrate the idea that we are all learning; and that we are all both learners and teachers. Tracy was a dog that bit small children. Five year old Jonathan taught her, through his love, to cherish them instead. His determination will inspire you.
Segment 1: Respect Goes Both Ways
Little Betsy breaks a jar of peanut butter. What’s the most important focus for her mother’s attention? Or Betsy’s? As the story unfolds, it reveals a lesson about respect that Betsy can carry with her for the rest of her life. In a second story, discover how Ilene recruits her daughter to help her change a not-so-good interactional pattern, with surprising results!
Segment 2: How Do You Find What’s Under Anger?
When Ilene discovers that packages under the Christmas tree have been opened and clumsily re-wrapped, her first reaction is anger. Then she finds what is under the anger and vulnerably allows herself to share that, learning that anger can be handled by addressing what is always under it. Find out what that is. And, do you know that you can “borrow anger” from others and not even know it? Ilene’s 8 year old daughter showed her this important lesson by asking to have her hair fixed!
Segment 3: A Bitey Dog and A 5 Year Old Teach and Learn About Love
You may have a “Dog Whisperer” right in your own family and yet not know it! Ilene found hers when she decided to adopt an older dog who had a reputation for biting small children. Find out what Jon taught them all! Our last story took 16 years to unfold entirely, yet brings a lesson for all parents to learn. Don’t miss it.

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