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January 11th, 2007

1/11/2007 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
The number of centenarians in the U.S. is doubling every ten years. What will your “bonus years” be like for you? Psychologist and Life Coach Dr. Michael Brickey tells us where to place our mental and active lives NOW, so that we have a long, healthy, vital life instead of painful aging. Brickey has appeared on CNN and Oprah to spread his message about how you can Defy Aging.
Segment 1: Can YOU Live to Be 150?
What makes Dr. Brickey believe people can live to 150, and what’s his prediction for how many Baby Boomers will live to that age? Brickey discusses with Ilene how to keep a strong flow of energy so that you can live a long time in an energetic, healthy and purposeful way. He shares the four variables that we need to address in order to live to at least 150!
Segment 2: Worry Is Talking To You From Your Big Toe!
Dr. Brickey says there are emotional issues we need to address to enhance our longevity. We talk about worry, procrastination and forgiveness, including a worry-ending technique for moving your worry into your big toe! We discuss retirement, why George Burns died and why we should not try to be happy!
Segment 3: Why People And Cats Are Living Longer!
A marriage that lasts 100 years….what will that require and offer? Dr. Brickey addresses such diverse questions as why people under 60 should never tell their age, a few baby steps that can help you grow young, how to determine your greatest health risk, water and longevity, and the importance of regular “maintenance” for maintaining a long-running vehicle–our body and brain.

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