Dec 13 Radio Show: Guy Finley's End-of-year Look at “Right Now on Planet Earth” – Emotional Pro

December 13th, 2007

Right now on planet Earth, 14 major wars and genocides are being waged; 2,200 plant and animal species will go extinct this month, and homicide is the leading cause of death of Americans ages 15 to 24. As our world becomes smaller, our responsibility to be globally-responsible increases. Do you have enough extra money and time to make a significant positive difference on our planet during your lifetime? Few people do. Is it possible for any person to change the world in a meaningful way? Best-selling author Guy Finley says “yes,” and that the key lies in simple, deliberate individual action. He will outline that action on the broadcast. We’re all motivated to “get it right” for the New Year, as well as for the important times in our very near future. Guy Finley has appeared on our show many times, working tirelessly to wake all of us up and get us prepared so that we create the world in which we would like to become accustomed to living!

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