Dec. 20 Radio Show: Kimmie Rose Helps You Wake Up! – Emotional Pro

December 20th, 2007

What if you could live life as an incredible adventure—with you in charge? Kimmie Rose has been doing that from a very early age, once she started to see the world a different way. Most people in the world today are frustrated, not fully satisfied with the lives they lead. They try many solutions, most of which are short term and also don’t go deep enough to offer lasting relief. If that describes you and your life, On this week’s Full Power Living broadcast, Kimmie Rose has some of the “missing ingredients” you need to wake up your intuition and live your own adventure that will allow you to live a life in which you achieve your full personal potential.
Kimberly Rose is a multi-dimensional talent who teaches and entertains her audience by way of radio, television, conferences, seminars, lectures, workshops and private consulting. Affectionately known as “Kimmie” by her fans and clients, she has provided intuitive and mediumship readings over the radio airwaves for more than 14 years. She is a teacher at heart, and is sought after for her ability to help people recognize and embrace their own intuitive gifts and honor their path to live a more fulfilling life. Kimmie Rose is a Trainer in Transpersonal Hypnotherapy, a licensed minister and a life coach, as well as the author of three best-selling books. She and her husband, Jon, are the founders of The Bless You Project, a non-profit organization that helps create peace and unity in the world.

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