Aug 23 Radio Show: The Healing of Emotion with Chris Griscom – Emotional Pro

August 23rd, 2007

Do we have to be in pain, angry, afraid or anxious in order to know we’re alive? According to Chris Griscom, founder/director of the Light Institute, your so-called “negative emotions” are addictive responses which the emotional part of you uses to feel “alive.” We can move past their most-often-negative influence and live as our Fearless Self! Tune in as we discuss The Healing of Emotions, including ways to accomplish such healing using color and other methods that speed the process!
Segment 1: We Always Have a Way Out.
Listen as Chris tells us why our Higher Mind can never be damaged or broken, what the two primary areas of work for humans are, and her discussion about how our emotional body is not invested in our growth!
Segment 2: Applaud Your Children For Being Happy!
Chris talks about how to help children work with emotions, how to find emotions you’re holding onto and release them (in the easiest ways!), and how to use color to “repair” emotional damage.
Segment 3: Achieving Perfect Balance and Exchanging Spiritual Gifts.
Caller Sandy asks about “giving Love to God,” and Chris talks about “unlocking ourselves from the justification of holding onto emotion,” as she reminds us that for most, nature is the key to happiness–that happiness is an “inside job”!

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