April 13: Liz Lewinson: Personal Empowerment for Women….And Men! – Emotional Pro

April 13th, 2013

You’re a woman. Are you empowered? You’re a man. Are you empowered? Liz Lewinson says neither women nor men are really empowered, because women are treated as the “weaker sex”, and yet are not (except if we use brute strength itself as the measure of power); and men are treated as insensitive, when they definitely are not born that way. Her book, Independence Ring:  Rock the Female Revolution, examines the complex male/female dynamic and the cultural conditioning both men and women are subjected to, which she says has repressed our intrinsic energetic health and harmony.  She claims: “If the roles roll over to where they should be – women expressing power and men expressing love and humility – the planet will become balanced and households will become balanced. The violence we see in society will diminish.” We’re really taking a look at the many ways we might be able to get ourselves to Peace this month. Join me for this energizing discussion!

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