September 6 Radio Show: Carroll Blair, Human Natures: Of Animal & Spiritual – Emotional Pro

September 7th, 2012

As our world continues to struggle with big issues we never seem to solve, it’s important to discuss what is keeping us from taking the action we need to take in order to solve them. This is the focus of Carroll Blair’s book, Human Natures: Of Animal and Spiritual.

In it, he is offering a philosophy of human evolution through spiritual growth, that I’ll be discussing with him on the show. If this is the kind of “mind candy” for you that it is for me, we should have a great discussion. Carroll Blair is the author of more than twenty books, including five volumes of poetry. His work has been described thusly: “Using word images like the strokes of a painter’s brush, Blair creates a resonating recognition that is the mark of a master poet.” An alumnus of the Boston Conservatory, Blair lives in Massachusetts.

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