April 4: Alicia Howes, "Soul Stories for Different Cultures and Our World" – Emotional Pro

April 5th, 2013

Alicia HoweSoul Story Teller, intuitive coach and teacher Alicia Howes is passionate about illuminating the truth of who we really are so we can be all we came here to be She’ll be reminding us what a Soul Story is, and then share information and approaches for understanding the Soul Stories of different cultures, as well as for our Mother Earth! She’ll help us connect with more awareness to the energy of our diverse cultural groups and the energy of Pachamama (“Mother Earth”), leading all of us to our highest state of pure joy! Let’s find out together what makes an African nation different from Australia, Russia, or Ecuador! Are there different lessons for a person living in Alaska from those on mainland US, now that Alaska is part of the Soul Story of the US? Come listen to the answers to these, and other intriguing questions!

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