August 06 Radio Show: Pam Carey discusses Minor League Mom – Emotional Pro

August 5th, 2009

Pam Carey spent 7 years as a Minor League Mom, the title of her newest book.  She talks about her family’s intense experience during her appearance on Internet radio’s Full Power Living 9 a.m. PT tomorrow, August 6, 2009.

There are six levels through which an aspiring major league baseball player must work, a system that can take years–and still not yield the desired result! Only one in eight picks who work through the Minor League system actually make it to major league status. Pam Carey is the mother of two sons who were brought into the Minor League system by the Boston Red Sox Organization, Tim Carey and Todd Carey. With a family history of ball players (including a father who coached them for several years as boys), Tim and Todd Carey had natural abilities and great training. Find out what happened to them (and to their family) as they lived the very public lives of professional ball players, replete with falling batting averages, All Star selection, low wages and college success. Pam Carey reveals all in this engaging discussion.

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