July 30 Radio Show: Get Your Blueprint for Manifesting with Richard Blackstone! – Emotional Pro

July 30th, 2009

Richard Blackstone, author of Blueprint for Manifesting and Nuts and Bolts Spirituality, supports your work to be Conscious Creator of your life, during his appearance on Internet radio’s Full Power Living 9 a.m. PT July 30, 2009.

Thousands of people, know as “Light Workers,” are busily working to “wake up” the people on this earth.   Prominent among them is Richard Blackstone.  Working with the Three Pillars of “Love is Who You Are,” ” We Are All One,” and “You Are the Creator of Your Life,” Blackstone wants people to wake up to the reality that we are constantly creating our own lives, including the cast of characters, experiences, roadblocks and opportunities.  Blackstone is interested to inspire people to start creating what they want instead of continuing to bumble along taking what appears to be given and attempting to adjust to and work with that.  Blackstone offers a choice between the old, Theory One, relationship with Creator/creativity, or the new, Theory Two, relationship.  Find out which choice you wish to make-and how to make it-by listening to Full Power Living on July 30.

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