The Electric Lilypad and Bekka's Frogland Orchestra – Emotional Pro

August 17th, 2006

8/17/2006 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Bekka Fink is taking off! A red-haired Earth Goddess with a four-octave range, a strong sensuality and spirituality, and a concern for our Earth, Bekka has just released the first CD of Bekka’s Frogland Orchestra and has also just returned from a triumphal musical tour in Europe. The Orchestra offers TRIBAL AVANT FUNK in the form of storytelling and devotions to The Mother Earth. She and band member Sheryl Mebane visit FPL to talk about the emotional ups and downs involved in the creative process.
Segment 1: Getting Started
Three years of gestation, two of rehearsing, recording and working result in CD #1 for Bekka’s Frogland Orchestra, “The Electric Lilypad.” Bekka talks candidly about the challenges, including funding, as well as the message she wants to convey with the album. Listen to her comments on what she discovered with European audiences!
Segment 2: Emotional Challenges, Emotional Triumphs
Listen as Bekka shares how leading a band and singing is like training as an athlete. She shares the emotional issues of “keeping the faith” during the long production process, the tools she and fellow band-mates used to deal with emotional and production issues, and talks about the importance of “snuggles”!
Segment 3: Music, Music, Music
In addition to Maka’s Servant and the Ghosts of Memphis, cuts heard on the previous segments, this one showcases Frogland and Chaos! Bekka introduces band member Sheryl Mebane, as they discuss together their advice for up-and-coming young artists, the problems of getting funding for the arts, and the importance of having healthy, loving and positive people in your life, especially as you open to your creativity. “Electric Lilypad” can be obtained at
Orchestra members include: Lead Vocals, Bekka Fink; drums, Sheryl Mebane; vocals, Atiim Chenzira, Liana Young and Deb Fink; Bass, Ariane Cap and Damon Waitkus; guitar, Henry Kaiser; Piano, Don Seavor, Damon Waitkus and Linda Arnold (aka Divasonic); bass clarinet, Jonathan Russell; bells et al, Kimberly De Caires; Violin, Belinda Catalona; cello, Laura Boytz; sax, Robin Fink; guitar and tracks, Henry Navarro; MC, Nerve. Original music by Bekka Fink, with Mike Curtis. These musicians are all virtuosos on their instruments, with backgrounds as varied as Classical, Afro-Cuban, Funk, Jazz, Punk, and Experimental Music.

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