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Sept 22, Devorah Heitner, Screenwise: Raising Digital Natives – Emotional Pro

September 22nd, 2016

I’m Waiting for My Child to Help Me with Facebook! The stuff of cartoons, stand-up-comics, and real-life parents! Our children entered a world we can learn about, in retrospect, but which does not really come “naturally” to us. How do we keep from feeling intimidated. How do we keep up—or ahead? How do we survive those…

June 6, David Levy, Ph D: Mindful Technology – Emotional Pro

June 6th, 2013

Recently, a friend sent me a series of pictures showing young people “relating” by sitting together and texting! You’ve probably also heard stories, such as the one about a college student who preferred texting his friend—in the adjoining dorm room—rather than stopping by to talk… These days, we’re spending a lot of our life interacting…