March 12 Radio Show: Discover an Unforgettable Love and Spiritual Growth Story! – Emotional Pro

March 9th, 2009

Michael Skowronski’s true story of two people who fall in love, study with ancient spiritual masters, experience miracles, and face cancer together is “Unforgettable.” He appears LIVE on Full Power Living Thurs., March 12, 2009 (9 am PT). Chat Live or Call 800-630-7858.

“Unforgettable” has been written to be both entertaining and educational. Set against a backdrop of the Pacific Northwest, Skowronski offers deep personal revelations and learning, with the ultimate message being that the worst thing we have to face in life are our worries and fears, yet there is no limit to the best we can experience. Michael Skowronski is a spiritually-oriented Life Coach and Counselor. For perspective on your own relationship, of any kind, tune to Full Power Living for this show.

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