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February 11th, 2009

How many times have you furtively “borrowed” one of your child’s Harry Potter books, enjoying the magic, adventure and incredible twists of plot—and wished you had a “grown up” series to read? Sandy Nathan is the person who has begun that series for all of us adults! Her new book, Numenon, is the first of the Bloodsong series. As it is released—NOW—Sandy is sending the first book of another series to the publisher. What makes Sandy Nathan so creative? Find out when she appears LIVE on Full Power Living this week, Thursday, February 12, 20089, 9 a.m. (PST). Chat Live with host Ilene Dillon or call in toll-free (800-630-7858) to speak directly with Sandy Nathan.

Numenon is about the clash of two cultures, one ancient and wise and the other brash and young. As its story unfolds, universal wisdom that is just now coming to light in our own everyday world, is encapsulated and revealed. When you finish reading Numenon, your first reaction is “where’s the next one?” And now, Sandy Nathan has started two other series, with a totally different focus (science fiction), that she is writing simultaneously with the first. If you would like to open to this level of creativity in yourself, listen to this show!

Sandy Nathan [www.sandynathan.com] describes herself as a “blazing, old talent,” a woman who has enjoyed several professional careers, and is a wife, mother and grandmother. She has worked and written as an Economist, owned and operated an Interior Design and Furniture Store, obtained a degree in Marriage and Family Counseling, assisted in teaching “Negotiation and Intervention” at Stanford Business School, and has been a horse lover her entire life, obtaining her first horse in 1958. Her book, Stepping Off the Edge was a Finalist in the 2007 Benjamin Franklin Awards in the New Age Category. It won a Bronze Medal in Self Help in the 2007 IPPYs. And it was a 2007 Indie Excellence finalist in Memoir, Self Help, and Spirituality.

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