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March 12th, 2016

Pamela F LenehanCan Children Thrive When Raised by Working Moms? Because mothers used to stay at home to raise the kids, we’ve compared our lives “backwards” when thinking about what happens with My Mother My Mentor Bookchildren when their mothers work. By looking at what adult children of working moms actually report, we can look the other direction and conclude that there are many benefits to having a working mom. We can also look at how moms can best approach bringing work and family together. And we can throw “working mother guilt” in the trash!

70 percent of mothers in the U.S. with children under age 18 are working. Even so, 60 percent of adults surveyed think children do better when one parent stays home. Curious about this, Pamela Lenehan created a groundbreaking survey of more than a thousand people ages 23-44 about their childhood. She interviewed working mothers and their grown children. Now she’s appearing on Full Power Living to assure us that working mothers who integrate profession and family are benefiting their children. Together, let us count the ways…

Click here to visit Pamela Lenehan’s website, “My Mother, My Mentor”!

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