Double Header: Recipes for Life with Rivvy Neshama, then Ask Your Higher Self with Sonya Rechnitzer! – Emotional Pro

March 6th, 2014

RivvyNeshama 300
Tell your story, and others will be inspired to explore and tell theirs! When Rivvy Neshama married at the age of 22, her Recipes for a Sacred Lifemother gave her a book of handwritten recipes. But not a book of recipes for how to live life! Now, telling her story, Rivvy offers you the most meaningful and inspiring “recipes” from her life to help others find the sacred meaning of their own lives. A “sacred” life does not have to be a “religious” life. Ordinary encounters with friends, strangers, nature, and love can connect us with the sacred. Come explore good feelings with me and Rivvy Neshama.Daniel Rechnitzer
Following our show with Rivvy Neshama, we have an extended episode, featuring Daniel Rechnitzer of  Accessing Universal Intelligence. Daniel will take your live calls and help you find answers to your most pressing life-questions by accessing your Higher Self.

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