July 2 Radio Show: Leili McKinley discusses The Emotional Impact of Social Media – Emotional Pro

July 8th, 2009

Leili McKinley Branding and Social Media Expert, explores social media’s impact on human emotions during her appearance on Internet radio’s Full Power Living July 2, 2009.

The most blatant example of the impact of Social Media on human emotions has been the recent support of anger and political unrest in Iran. Twitter and Facebook played such a powerful role in bringing angry protesters together that the U.S. State Department asked Twitter to delay a temporary maintenance shutdown in order to be available for Iranian citizens. Aside from this type of situation, what other impact do the various Social Media Sites have on us humans and our emotions? Can immediate access to information create a wave of fear? What about hate-mongering and cyber-bullying? And, since not all the information is guaranteed to be researched and factually correct, what happens to us and our emotions if we’re given immediate, inaccurate information that fans our emotions? Most importantly, what is the emotional learning we need to accomplish in order to fit Social Medial into our lives? Find out answers to these questions from Leili McKinley.

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