Jan 31 Radio Show–Constance Kellough Invites Us All to Take The Leap – Emotional Pro

February 18th, 2008

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Humanity is edging its way to becoming one world. To prepare for this change, we need to link to a sense of inner connectedness that few experience yet on a daily basis, and Leap to a way of living from our intuitive wisdom. As the “transition generation,” people now on the earth are the ones who will go beyond humanity’s current repetitive insane acts and bridge to a more humane world, according to Constance Kellough, author of The Leap. Kellough insists we must be ready and willing to live a new reality. She’s telling our listeners—and the world, there is hope for tomorrow as she invites people to take a Leap into their true Consciouness. This is a vital piece of information for us to have as we embark upon a New Year.

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