August 14, All Knowing Mentor, Ask Your Higher Self: Q & A Tailored to You! – Emotional Pro

August 15th, 2014

ui Mentor

Last month, we were blessed to have Daniel Rechnitzer do an amazing demonstration for us, as he offered Lynette an opportunity to heal the cancer in her body by addressing the malignant thinking and beliefs she carried in her brain. We’ll get an update on Lynette during this show. In the meantime, Daniel and Sonja (who has been doing our Q & A for 8 months) have returned home to Australia for a well-deserved reconnection with their roots and families! In their place, we have the magnificent Audrey Pearson! Accessing Universal Intelligence (Daniel & Sonja’s co-founded Group) teaches that we can all do what they do. To demonstrate, we’re going to be hosting a number of Mentors they have trained, carrying on with our Q & A Programs. We’ll start with the very best, Audrey, who will continue the tradition of consulting the Highest and Best part of your own self, giving you the replies communicated to her. BETTER than “psychic,” yet also revealing that which has been hidden in you, so you can work with it and create the life you really want! Be sure to call in early, so you have time to get your question answered. 


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