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April 25, Dr. Alicia Maher: From Scattered to Centered – Emotional Pro

April 27th, 2013

 Psychiatrist Alicia Maher, M.D., has written a book to help people who struggle with Adult ADHD. She’ll be with us to talk about some of the issues that people with ADHD encounter, as well as some of the strategies she suggests for becoming successful. This look includes concerns about diet, behavioral treatments, stimulants, the power […]

April 13: Liz Lewinson: Personal Empowerment for Women….And Men! – Emotional Pro

April 13th, 2013

You’re a woman. Are you empowered? You’re a man. Are you empowered? Liz Lewinson says neither women nor men are really empowered, because women are treated as the “weaker sex”, and yet are not (except if we use brute strength itself as the measure of power); and men are treated as insensitive, when they definitely are not […]

April 11, Justine Toms: The Influence of New Dimension Radio – Then & Now! – Emotional Pro

April 11th, 2013

A lot of what you now know about Consciousness is because of what Justine Toms and her husband of 40 years, Michael Toms, did together. They founded New Dimensions radio. Michael interviewed nearly 3000 of the world’s cutting-edge people opening our world to the idea of consciousness and conscious living. In January, Michael died. Justine […]

April 4: Alicia Howes, "Soul Stories for Different Cultures and Our World" – Emotional Pro

April 5th, 2013

Soul Story Teller, intuitive coach and teacher Alicia Howes is passionate about illuminating the truth of who we really are so we can be all we came here to be She’ll be reminding us what a Soul Story is, and then share information and approaches for understanding the Soul Stories of different cultures, as well […]