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March 19th, 2006

Aug 25, Make Your Own Show of Love and Connection

Love and ConnectionAlmost everyone takes time off at the end of the summer. We’re hoping you do that; and that you will focus your time and attention on the Love and Family/Friend connections you have, nurturing yourself and others with total acceptance, appreciation and Gratitude. This week, we offer no broadcast. Instead, we’re sending out our warmest appreciation and gratitude for your loyalty and involvement over the past year, and the one coming up. Take some time to envision what you want in your life for the time remaining in this year (yes, including politically!), and set an intention for its manifestation. Here at Full Power Living and, we’re holding you in our most unconditional love, and asking for you to be surrounded with Grace.

Is It Enough to Love Yourself? Yes, absolutely! When I researched for my book, Exploring Love with Your Child, one of my resources had this to say:  “Love is love is love.” He went on to say that this means it doesn’t matter whether we love ourselves or we love someone else. What does matter is that we choose LOVE over all else. We choose to follow the principle of Love. We choose to be as loving as we can possibly be, whatever the circumstances. This is your chance. This week we release you to give and show love to yourself and others! Enjoy yourself, please!


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