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March 19th, 2006

Dec 1, Stan Goldberg, PhD:   Loving, Supporting & Caring for the Cancer Patient

stan-goldbergHow to Help Someone with Cancer and Care for You, Too! My husband, Bob, lost his struggle with cancer during 2016. I learned a LOT from him about what it takes to be a loving care-giver. I was human in my efforts—definitely not perfect.
book-stan-goldbergIt’s difficult to know things—when you go to the doctor together, for example, will you cause the person to lose hope if you ask pointed questions about what certain behaviors or attitudes of your patient mean or show? What do you say when they lose hope? How do you help with their fears? What do you do with your own anger or pain that results from your exchange of love having now become a one-way street? Stan Goldberg has answers that can help.

The 15 million people currently diagnosed with cancer are expected to balloon to 19 thousand in just 8 more years. Knowing what to do and say when someone you know and/or love receives a cancer diagnosis is more important than ever. A lot of the care given to cancer patients occurs outside of the doctor’s office or hospital—meaning the people in their lives are involved in their care. Award-winning writer and expert in the area of cancer support, Stan Goldberg, looks at the important parts of managing this job:  what to say or not say, how to express compassion, what attitude to develop as a care-giver, and much, much more. Click here to visit Stan Goldberg’s website!


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