Wise Secrets of Aloha with Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim – Emotional Pro

May 3rd, 2007

05/03/07 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
The world is privileged to have revealed to it the secrets of Lomilomi, included in Wise Secrets of Aloha featuring Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim and written by Garnette Arledge. The spiritual beliefs of Hawaiians include the belief that they did not fall from grace, but that Hawaii and their experience there is a continuation of the grace in which they have always been. And healing through Lomilomi is similar, in that it is about being with, doing and breathing with the receiver of healing, all the while having the giver of healing also uplifted and renewed. Like the peace of the islands itself, so go the teaching of Kahuna Harry.
Segment 1: A Kahuna is a Carrier of Light Harry Jim describes the background for Lomilomi, including the simple, yet profound idea that humility is evoked “when our Energy Body is in the presence of our own Spirit.”
Segment 2: Lomilomi’s Aim is Emotional Maturity Harry says emotions are a multi-species language, and that behind the word are the emotions. He talks about the 3 levels of being that are integrated in healing, and how Lomilomi invokes the wisdom of a person’s body and Soul.
Segment 3: An Aimless Arrow Never Misses Kahuna Harry Jim shares stories of how he was taught to swim and move into the role of Kahuna. He also speaks about “bone washing,” which is done to release and bring emotions to the surface.

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