September 22 Radio Show: The Eleven Laws of Likeability: Relationship Networking – Emotional Pro

September 22nd, 2011

Professor, communications expert and seminar leader Michelle Lederman joins host Ilene Dillon to discuss THE 11 LAWS OF LIKABILITY: Relationship Networking…Because People Do Business with People They Like.

Forget Social Networking!  People do business with people they like.  Despite the proliferation of social networking sites, traditional face-to-face networking still holds the edge in creating business success, according to Full Power Living guest Michelle Lederman.  She attests. “By approaching your interactions through the lens of likability,” whether you are novice, nervous, or even a seasoned networker,  “you can expect to be happier, more comfortable, and more successful in establishing meaningful relationships.”

Our Guest

Michelle Tillis Lederman is founder and CEO of Executive Essentials, which provides customized communication, team-building, and leadership programs. She is also an adjunct professor at NYU Stern School of Business and a faculty member of the American Management Association. Devoted to enhancing interpersonal communications, she has delivered seminars internationally for corporations, universities, and nonprofit organizations including JPMorgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank, Columbia Business School, and The Museum of Modern Art. She lives in South Orange, New Jersey.

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