April 11th, 2006

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How to Become A Family of the Future–Now! Explore “the Basics” of what families can be when they are based on the Principles of Love, Responsibility, Choice, Cause and Effect and Manifestation. Discover areas and techniques you can support and strengthen to have students, clients and families who are awake, aware, responsible learners who Partner with you to improve the quality of their own lives and their communities and our world. Revitalizing the Real Cradle of Civilization Practical things you can do NOW in your school, practice, and community that will engage families and children and ease your levels of responsibility and burnout. There is a new way to define the “job” of parents so they raise children who are self-directed, conscious, make their own good decisions, and become immune to peer pressure, while simultaneously relieving stress for parents and their counselors, teachers, psychotherapists and coaches. Family and Individual Empowerment Through Emotional Mastery Do you daily live in fear of an emotionally upset child or parent who has access to a gun? Are you stressed by your own emotional reactions to frustrating family situations, unruly and disrespectful children or teens, and more than 50% “broken families”? Change occurs from the Inside–Out. We look at the intended, user-friendly role of emotions, the “signals” emotions provide for our action, and practical methods for gaining mastery over your own emotions and then offering those skills to others.


How to Create a Conscious “Family of the Future” This in-depth 14-hour seminar covers the basic skills, understanding and methods for rebuilding “sleep-walking families” so they become “conscious families,” including redefining the “job” of Parenting, effective and principled discipline, the power of responsibility and choice-making, the Seven Building Blocks of Self Esteem, “Manipulation 101,” managing change, character-development, the basics of emotional mastery, personal empowerment, manifestation skills and principles, communication, the powerful role of nature, community and world consciousness and how to develop and maintain a basis of Love. Becoming A Master of Anger and Other Emotion A twelve-hour exploration of emotions, using our most powerful emotion, Anger, as working example. Includes real versus synthetic emotions, the intended role of emotions, emotions and the Laws of Physics, the signals of 7 everyday emotions, emotions as primary tools for personal growth, animal emotions as teachers, the role of emotion in Manifestation, communicating and using emotions, hidden forms of anger, and a blueprint for working masterfully with emotions within the Conscious Universal Family.


On-going Emotional Mastery Coaching Follow-up for Seminar participants who want clarification and practice in real-life in order to speed and solidify their emotional mastery. Specialty Teleseminars: Ilene offers in-depth teleseminar training in a number of areas, including:

  • Manipulation and Manipulative Behaviors
  • Anger Mastery
  • 99 Ways to Master Fear
  • Coping with Four and Thirteen Year Olds
  • Creating Clear and Powerful Consequences That Work
  • Principles for Enlightened Living
  • Don’t “Do” Worry or Guilt Any More!

These seminars are offered on a rotating basis. Contact our office for upcoming courses. Visit our Online Store for the ABCs of Love, ABCs of Loneliness and the ABCs of Anger, along with a growing list of publications and courses that contain the Building Blocks for creating Conscious Families. Be sure to listen to Full Power Living, web-based Radio broadcast LIVE at www.ideocast.com/show.asp?sid=157 on Thursdays at 9 a.m. PT. Full Power Living is the only internationally-broadcast show focused on “awakening the world to the power and importance of human emotions.” Check our Full Power Living Show Page here on Emotional Pro for archives of more than 150 shows. On-air weekly since 2004.

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