Testimonials and "Orchids" – Emotional Pro

January 11th, 2008

“Ilene is a professional in every sense and conducts her workshops with sensitivity, enthusiasm and humor.  I would recommend her to anyone who is thinking about hiring a teacher/presenter to help individuals and/or groups to improve relationships at work or home, uplift self esteem, or to learn how to improve communication skills.  She is capable of adapting a workshop to meet the needs of any given group.”
                                                                                             Bob Yates, Director
                                                                                             Adult/Community Education
                                                                                             Tamalpais Union High School District
“Your audience of ….inmates was actively and spontaneously participating:  they continue to be inspired by your message.  Your information was truly relevant to the lives of your audience.  In addition, your honesty and real life experience brought a sense of reality and applicability to them.”
                                                                                             Nancy Hedtke, Re-Entry Coordinator
                                                                                             Education Dept., San Quentin State Prison
“Your opening story which set up the day for each of us as speakers was unforgettable!”
                                                                                             Glenna Salsbury, CSP, CPAE
                                                                                             National Speakers Association of Arizona
“I felt that Ilene really caught the attention of our class.  I had told her that a teenage audience is one of the worst to win approval from…it became a challenge for her—one that…she won!”
                                                                                             Psychology Student, 12th Grade
Marin County, California
“You stepped beyond and have arrived at superstar level.”
                                                                                             Jeff Senne, Northern CA Chapter President
                                                                                             National Speakers Association
“It was a comfort and a pleasure to have your help at the recent Bread and Roses Festival.  Your enthusiasm, humor and calm assurance, and your eagerness to pitch in wherever needed were a welcome contribution…”
                                                                                             Peter M., Staff, Bread and Roses