September 08 Radio Show: Thoughts, Feeling & Emotions: Seth Speaks on – Emotional Pro

September 8th, 2011

Paul Helfrich, Ph.D., a pre-eminent Seth scholar, explores Seth’s ideas on thoughts, feelings and emotions as they intertwine with our beliefs, when he appears on Internet radio’s Full Power Living at 9 a.m. PT, September 8, 2011.

In Elmira, New York, in the 1960’s, Jane Roberts sat with her husband, Robert Butts, in the evenings. What they did on those evenings was most unusual for those times. Their endeavors began the major shift of human consciousness that is so evident in today’s world. Jane Roberts was channeling Seth. In fact, Seth dictated books, which were meticulously recorded-by hand-by Robert Butts. And Seth set out ideas that contradicted the best psychological thinking of the day, such as the notion that we create our own reality, and that what we believe shapes the fabric of our experience. Today, we have scientific proof (e.g. The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton, Ph.D.) of many of the ideas Seth offered in the 1960’s. This one-of-a-kind broadcast will further explore the ideas offered by Seth (through Jane Roberts), supporting the enormous awakening of human consciousness that is happening every day.

Our Guest:

Paul Helfrich, Ph.D., can be found on the web at For more than 30 years, Paul has been exploring the Seth Materials, as well as attending and presenting at Seth conferences since 1996. He was the admin for the Sethnet email list from 1998-2009. Regarding Seth, Paul is an essay author, lecturer and workshop-presenter who also talks about the channeling phenomenon and Integral Psychology. A musician, his 2003 Mindscapes music CD is available on iTunes, rhapsody, and CDBaby.

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