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April 5th, 2007

4/5/2007 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Michael Brown is our featured guest on Full Power Living this week. Step-by-Step, Michael Brown authoritatively takes his reader through the thoughts, processes and changes needed in order to “get back to who we were when we were born” (our Authentic Self). On a quest to heal himself from a painful neurological disorder (Horton’s Syndrome), Michael investigated a number of spiritual and healing modalities, in addition to scientific medicine. The result was that he was able to heal himself, AND, he developed a methodical way for healing “the heat” in life that causes us problems–psychological and physiological. Michael wrote The Presence Process to make this method available to everyone.
If you are serious about divesting yourself of ill health, “problems,” difficult relationship issues, stress, and other modern “ills,” you will want to listen to this show. Get a copy of Michael’s book at
Are You Unconscious to Who and What You Are?
Pain and discomfort, says Michael Brown, are the keys to showing us where we need to focus and grow. To be authentic, we must feel at peace within ourselves. We already know peace, so we just need to allow ourselves to find and feel it again.
The Work We Do To Get Us Home
Michael says we need to work on 1) authenticity, 2) integrity (the structure of me) and 3) intimacy (“into me I see”). Listen as he talks about how “we always marry our parents” and what happens as a result.
Adults Are Just Children In Resistance!
Michael identifies our search for unconditional love, in which we engage from early in life. He points out that “everyone is our teacher”, becoming the messenger (“mess ender”). He talks about how his Presence Process helps us draw things together for the life we really want to lead.

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