Pushing Upward, a Spiritual Novel by Andrea Adler – Emotional Pro

November 15th, 2012

Broadway actress, journalist, business owner, and a pioneer of holistic marketing Andrea Adler has now written a novel, Pushing Upward. I read everyone’s book who appears on Full Power Living, and found myself finishing this one before the middle of October—once you start, it’s really, really difficult to put it down! Adler says that she couldn’t “put it down” over several years, where the plot and storyline for the book kept developing inside of her. Hay House Publishing, publisher of this book, calls it “Spritual Fiction.” Main character Sandra Billings attempts to live a spiritual life, but doesn’t quite know what that means. Through a process of intergenerational mentoring, facing her internal demons, and learning to live a life that balances desire with personal morals, Sandra Billings develops the ability to lead a spiritual life. It will be fun to explore Andrea’s motivation and process and the experiences of Sandra Billings!

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