March 18 Radio Show: A Novel Way to Move Beyond the Patriarchy – Emotional Pro

March 16th, 2010

Lucia Rene’   offers a rare glimpse into the artistry of a mystic, when appearing on Internet radio’s Full Power Living 9 a.m. March 18, 2010 to discuss her powerful novel, Unplugging the Patriarchy. Chat live on the site or call toll-free, 800-630-7858.

We are all approaching the end of a cycle of time.  The Patriarchy’s profit-before-people system is breaking down.  Something new is rising:  a wave of Divine Feminine energy that is bringing balance.  Rene’ explores, powerfully through her fictionalized treatment, how we deal with the breakdown of the Patriarchy by unplugging our energy from it, making room for something new to be born.  Affirming that the spiritual essence of women is—and always has been—power.  As women resume their relationship with heart and power, men need to reclaim the energy of the heart in order to support women while they do their sacred work.  Rene’ appears on March 18 on Full Power Living to explore these powerful concepts in the real world.

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