October 21 Radio Show: The Sun Is In My Heart – Emotional Pro

October 19th, 2010

Lynne Carol Austin, author of Edith Ann Marie, The Sun Is In My Heart, appears Oct. 21 on Full Power Living 9 a.m. PT  (or iTunes).

“My sister wears glasses. I wonder why she can’t see the things I see. I thought glasses would help her to see what I see. But when I ask her, “Do you see that cloud that looks like a cat?’” She says, “No, that’s stupid!’  “And when I say, “Look at that ant carry that big bug. How can he do that?” She steps on the ant. “Why don’t those glasses help her to see so she won’t step on that ant?” Grandma hugs me and says, “Putting glasses on, Edith Ann Marie, doesn’t always help us see clearly. Some people need glasses for their hearts.”  Edith Ann Marie has many questions, asked from the innocence of a child’s heart, for which her grandmother offers wisdom that will carry her through her life in a loving and caring way.  When young Laina, a reader, was asked what Lynne Carol Austin’s charming book, Edith Ann Marie, The Sun Is In My Heart, was about, she replied, “It’s about love.”  Austin talks about grandmother’s wisdom, children’s hearts and the love we all need and want to share, when she appears on Full Power Living, 9 a.m. PT October 21.

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