Oct 15, Diane & Mario Cloutier, Relovenship: Look Within to Love Again – Emotional Pro

October 18th, 2015

Mario and Diane Cloutier 300Are you finally ready to find your true blissful relationship? If so, you can’t keep doing the same things that haven’t worked already, can you? With a blend of practicality and spirituality, Diane and Mario have created a kind of “workbook” filled with questions, tips and suggestions that can lead you to find the Relovenship BOOKdeep relationship you seek. Diane and Mario discovered that very few people succeed in attracting “the one” after a serious breakup. Relovenship was written to make sure that doesn’t happen in your life.

What’s “Re-Loving” all about? This weeks’ guests say that in order to find “the one” when you’ve already experienced a serious and painful breakup is difficult to do unless you “Re-Love” yourself! They’re out to save us from making the same mistakes (in love) again. You know that old Tony Robbins saying…..”If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you’ve always gotten.” Change your patterns. Click here to visit Diane & Mario Cloutier’s website, Relovenship.com.


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