November 17 Radio Show: The Universe Speaks – Emotional Pro

November 18th, 2011

Listen to Roar Sheppard, master of the art of Danjeon breathing and a teacher of the Four Principles of Human Destiny, when he appears on Internet radio’s Full Power Living on Thursday, November 17, 2011 to discuss his new book, The Universe Speaks: The Love and Pain of 2012-2025. (9 a.m. PT Full Power Living or iTunes subscription) Toll-free call-in is also available over 800-630-7858.

What do you know about 2012? No doubt, you’ve heard that the Mayan Calendar ends, that the end of the world may occur, that changes are afoot for the earth and the humans on her. But where do you turn for information about what is likely to happen? Roar Sheppard turned inward, learning to converse with the Earth herself, taking guidance from an extraterrestrial named Marlin, and working to access the collective unconscious of 7 billion people all at once. If this sounds unbelievable to you, it’s imperative that you participate in this broadcast, so you can find out for yourself—including talking with Roar in person—the believability of this information that is nowhere else available.

Our Guest
Roar Shep­pard is Amer­i­can and has been resid­ing in Korea for about 15 years, where he stud­ied Korean tra­di­tional cul­ture and lan­guage. Inter­ested in the secret of the Uni­verse, he searched for it through med­i­ta­tion. Through the deep silence of his meditation and breathing train­ing, he began to com­mu­ni­cate with var­i­ous beings through wavelengths. He is actively shar­ing with oth­ers the meth­ods for a New Soci­ety, which he says is com­ing sooner than we think, and for prepa­ra­tion. The new soci­ety will be based on breath­ing and love for human beings, nature and the Universe.

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