February 17 Radio Show: Loving Your Ego – Emotional Pro

February 16th, 2011

Discover how to put your ego on a diet, so it can better serve you, when Tara Taylor, internationally recognized intuitive counselor and motivational speaker appears Thursday, February 17, 2011 on Internet radio’s Full Power Living (9 a.m. PT or iTunes).

Tara Taylor’s investigations have revealed that our ego is actually “good,” and plays an important role in achieving our life purpose. Your ego will and can help you live your dreams. It’s a huge mistake to be ashamed of your ego. Taylor will help you understand the intended job of the ego, how to use it to help you find your divine purpose, what egotists and people with low self-esteem have in common, and why getting rid of your ego can lead you to disaster, when she appears on Full Power Living February 17. Listeners are urged to pose questions through live Chat or by calling toll-free.

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