Nov 8 Radio Show A Quantum Change Toward a Vibrant Life with Chloe Wordsworth – Emotional Pro

November 8th, 2007

Bet you never heard of “Resonance Repatterning”! You should, and you will when you join our discussion with Chloe Wordsworth about her work of many decades that is part of our new Epigenetic Medicine model in this time of transformation. “Biological coherence” occurs when atoms or molecules are energized, and can vibrate in unison and emit coherent energy such as that produced by a laser. It is a whole-body phenomenon that involves all of the tissues and the nervous system. To reach such “biological coherence,” old traumatic scars and holding patterns need to be resolved, something that occurs through Resonance Repatterning. Chloe Wordsworth is the originator of this method for personal transformation. This work is:

  • Based on insights from modern physics, psychology and ancient healing traditions<
  • Is a practical application of several principles based in quantum physics
  • Is more than an inspirational idea; it is proven and part of epigenetic medicine
  • Creates uplifting change to all who are attuned to these frequencies, including you

You can experience a “quantum leap” in your life that is part of a breathtaking physical and/or emotional transformation. Listen to discover more about Resonance Repatterning.

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