Rescuing and Rehabilitating Wildlife with Lynn Cuny – Emotional Pro

October 12th, 2006

10/12/2006 Thursday 9am to 10am Pacific Time
Unfortunately, too many animals are viewed as useless, ugly, destructive and a nuisance. Lynn says “I always find it ironic that we humans, who have proven to be the most destructive of all species, should be the ones casting such aspersions on others who are clearly quite benign. She wants us to find it in our hearts to appreciate, love and care for all creatures. “Nature creates incredibly beautiful animals,” she writes.
Segment 1: Humans Are Animals, Too
Lynn Cuny laments that human beings are one of the most destructive species on the planet–and that many of us have forgotten that we are also animals! Listen to her talk about how quickly primates teturn to “who they are” when released into an open setting and allowed to relate freely with other primates. I love her assertion that mother’s of wildlife let babies express their independence as early as possible!
Segment 2: Do Animals Have Emotions?
An absurd question, says Lynn! Such a question assumes something–that emotions are only a human quality. Listen as she tells us how animals have wants, needs and desires, and how she got her start in the business of caring for animals. She emphasizes to her staff such reminders as: Care about someone besides just yourself. She suggests we ask ourselves “What action am I responsible for that has a negative impact on animals,” all as part of “living our lives mindfully.”
Segment 3: What To Do When You Find A Baby Out Of The Nest
What’s the best thing to do, especially in the springtime, when you find a baby animal or bird out of its nest? Overcome the wives tale that touching the baby will discourage the parents from relating to it, put it into its own nest (or one you make of a box and old t-shirts and set about 6 feet off the ground), then watch from inside your own abode until the parents find their baby and begin to tend to it again! Lynn speaks of her greatest challenges and also the greatest gift of her work in rescuing and rehabilitating wild and domestic animals.

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